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Referral Process

The Local Authority commissions CSS to provide education for students who have been permanently excluded.

CSS is also able to offer support as an alternative to permanent exclusion, or where additional help is required for a particular pupil to prevent a permanent exclusion.

CSS asks for the requirements below to be met (where appropriate and possible) before a positive referral is applied for:

  • Use of Additional in School Support for the pupil over a period of time;
  • All appropriate strategies in Appendix B to have been tried and evaluated;
  • Involvement or discussion with the CSS Early Intervention Service; Please email Steve Phillips for more information.
  • Evidence of engagement of multi-agency support, including involvement of the CSS Early Intervention Service;
  • Consideration of a managed move or an alternative education programme / work related learning programme where applicable;
  • Involvement of SAS and discussion with E.P. and/or Locality Casework Manager for a pupil with an EHCP or Statement and agreement of the referral at an Annual Review Meeting.