Referral Process

The Local Authority commissions CSS to provide education for students who have been permanently excluded.

CSS is also able to offer a positive referral as an alternative to permanent exclusion, or where additional help is required for a particular pupil to prevent a permanent exclusion.

CSS asks for the requirements below to be met (where appropriate and possible) before a positive referral is applied for:

  • Use of Additional in School Support for the pupil over a period of time;
  • All appropriate strategies in Appendix B to have been tried and evaluated;
  • Involvement or discussion with the CSS Early Intervention Service; Please email Steve Phillips for more information.
  • Evidence of engagement of multi-agency support, including involvement of the CSS Early Intervention Service;
  • Consideration of a managed move or an alternative education programme / work related learning programme where applicable;
  • Involvement of SAS and discussion with E.P. and/or Locality Casework Manager for a pupil with an EHCP or Statement and agreement of the referral at an Annual Review Meeting.